As per the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority's regulations and as part of our commitment to providing higher levels of security, Pharos now offers clients security tokens for a specific fee and cost.


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  • Pharoslive allows you to execute your buy/sell orders in real time, at a market or limit price, and with a set expiration date. After placing your order you can also check its status and confirm execution.

  • Our unique Conditional Orders feature allows you to set the conditions for a trade and have Pharoslive execute once they are met. Stop Loss, Money for Money and Order Cancels Order are just a few examples of how this feature saves you countless hours of waiting for the opportune moment.

  • With the Trade Trigger feature you can select a stock and set a condition to initiate action. For example, if you’re interested in COMI.CA you can trigger an alert or a buy/sell order once the desired condition is reached.

  • Follow trading activity with our live & customizable Market Streamer and build stock screens for your portfolio. Gain access to Pharos’ technical & fundamental analysis reports and get quick tips and recommendations for trade ideas.

  • Get reports on your cash balances, stock positions and details on funds available for investment, margin usage and same day balances. Generate account statements, portfolio valuation reports, search your transaction history and get online access to your buy and sell invoices.

  • With Pharoslive you can submit your deposit receipts and send withdrawal / transfer requests online. Internal transfers also lets you transfer funds from your regular account to your margin account and vice versa.